Work Experience

Professional Information

I’ve worked in the pet industry for ten years. I became a Dog Trainer through an in-work program.

After this experience I knew exactly what I am here for and it is to spend my day surrounded by dogs.

I want to be able to offer a variety of fun activities people can do with their dogs and both of you have fun. I am working to be able to open a 10 acre facility that allows just that! I would love to be able to offer Doggy Daycare, Training of different options, Grooming, Vet Care, and a Pet Hotel for all species, plus lots more!

Help me make my dream come true!

Work Experience

Claws for the Cause: Owner (2016 – Present)
We’re still the same great company, just time for a re-branding.

Paws for a Cause: Owner (2009 – 2015)
I do all the marketing, customer searching, accounting, etc. As well as Training people and their dogs, Walking 1-6 sometimes up to 8 dogs, and care for them while your away. I truly care about everything I do and will love your pets as if they were mine, because they deserve that! I am the sole proprietor and love every minute of it!

PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc. (2007 – 2012)
When working at PETCO I did pretty much anything I could do to be of help. Cashiering, label printing, animal care, cleaning enclosures, helping customers, stocking the shelves, aquatic care, and much more.


Dog Training Instructor Program

(August 2008 – December 2008)

This was a 12 week program held by PETCO, trained by a highly experienced Dog Trainer. I worked with her for a few weeks and had a book I had to study and then take a test on the material. Once I passed the test we started our Dog Training. I co-trained with her to get a feel for it for the first few weeks, as the weeks progressed I started training more behaviors. Half way through training with her we started training at my store. When at my store I did all the training, my Mentor watched and graded my progress. By the end of the 12 weeks I was a confident Trainer and ready to share my knowledge with others.


Learning French


Will be given upon request. Please understand I cherish my clients privacy as do they!

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