Hi everyone,Jennifer Lovett, Claws for the Cause, I’m here to talk to you today about how to keep your pets safe this Halloween season. From special awareness to black pet safety to Trick-or-Treating, and where to safely keep your candy treasure away from your dog!

First off, saying black pets need to be kept a close eye one. Every year around Halloween people take people’s black dogs and cats and do very mean and cruel things to them. Keep them safe and be extra vigilant!

Trick-or-Treating with dogs can be stressful for them. Only the most socialized dogs should partake in this activity. Think about it, if you have a house dog who doesn’t get around people much and spends most of its time in the yard all of a sudden being dressed then walked around tons and tons of children screaming, laughing, and dressed like crazy things. It is extremely overwhelming for them and can possibly lead to them getting loose and running away to them potentially biting someone. Neither outcome is good. If your dog has attended various dog training courses, goes to doggy day care, goes on 2-3 30 min+ walks a day around busy very stimulating environments, hanging out with tons of kids and is used to regular dress up costume play around them, and doesn’t get to protective of you then you have yourself a bonafide Trick-or-Treat dog! Dog’s shouldn’t have access to any Halloween candy, it’s all quite toxic to them. In recent years, some people have started having dog biscuits by the door for people who come up with their dogs. As like many of us humans, dogs can have allergies to things, even if offered a goodie, the owner may say no.

If your dog doesn’t fall into the well socialized category, it’s best to leave your best furry pal at home where you know it’ll be safe and waiting your return. Giving it a long lasting chew like a raw beef knee bone might just be the thing your dog comes to love about Halloween. If you are staying home to hand out candy and your dog is with you, the continuous knocking on the door will be a huge stressor for it. Keep your dog in a quite part of the house set up with all of their favorite things.Once the Trick-or-Treating is done, you have to hide the evidence from the dog. Candy is a hard pass for dogs. Keeping it up high away from the dog is best, but we’re talking about children to uphold that rule, and let’s face it they can’t always be trusted. Better yet is to get a grammatically sealed container (like one used to store dog food) that fits in their closet. Put all the candy in their, it’ll help keep the candy fresher, but most importantly when the lid is on your dog shouldn’t be able to smell the candy. Make sure to remind the children to keep their closet door shut when they aren’t home as an added safety precaution.

I hope you find these tips helpful while keeping your pet safe this holiday season!