Hi everyone, Jennifer Lovett, Claws for a Cause

I want to talk to you about an amazing monthly box shipped to your dog that has toys, treats and a chew in it. It’s called BarkBox. My beloved Rhett was obsessed with them and started to think every box that came in the mail was for him. It was the cutest thing ever! All the items are American made! Which as you know provides jobs here at home and supports the American economy.

Each box has a monthly theme, September generally has a back to school theme, and November has a Thanksgiving theme. Some months are random! I have toys that I have a hard time letting them destroy. One month was an Egyptian theme, one was a 60s hippie theme, a recent box was reptile themed! This one was one of my favorites! I am a huge geek and love all animal species, reptiles are where my geek really comes out. One of the toys was a gigantic tie-dye squeaky frog, that kind of looks like the frog balloon animal from SHERK. You can set the size of your dog to make sure they aren’t too big or too small for your dog. They even have a box for extreme power chewers. I honestly have no idea on how extreme they are, as my dogs take forever to destroy their toys. Most the time a guest dog comes over and rips them to shreds or we donate them to an animal shelter to make room for more.

The treats have always been a hit with my pups. Which is great because, my dogs have food allergies and have a hard time finding treats that are within the budget. Each box is made super special for your dog! Allergies or not your dog gets 2 bags of treats per box, sometimes they have special deals where you can add more to your box. They even have a reminder for you when it’s your dog’s birthday and they can add a birthday cake to your box! It’s a nice addition to the box to celebrate your dog’s day.

The monthly chew is never rawhide, which is amazing! Rawhide can be very dangerous for a dog who doesn’t know restraint. This is the very case with my dog Brutus. He’ll swallow most of a bullystick and puke it back up and keep chewing it. Bullysticks are normally way safer then rawhides and he can’t have those so he really likes the BarkBox chewies.

Here’s my referral link: http://www.barkbox.com/r/HA9N7B0GNV. Look into it and see how it works. I get a free box for everyone who signs up for it. BarkBox has a program for that free box, it can be sent to you or sent to an animal shelter. My free boxes are donated to an animal shelter in need for homeless dogs waiting to find loving families can have toys to play with and yummy treats to share.

Until next time,remember adopt don’t shop and please spay and neuter!

Jennifer Lovett, Claws for the Cause