Dog Training

I offer Positive Reinforcement Training. I find ways to positively encourage your dog to offer the desired behavior requested using food, play or praise. This is done through private and group training sessions or group seminars.

I offer three training session options they are, an In-Home Session, we cover as many behaviors you want your dog to learn or think your needs to learn, Private Group Classes, these are meant for a group of 2-5 dogs to learn with others and their pet parents. This is a great option for close groups of friends or families who want to be able to work with each other’s dogs. Classes are held at someone in the group’s house or rotated locations, whatever is preferred for the group. These classes run 6 weeks and each class participant gets a private session as well. Then Group Classes are held at Tails of the City Doggy Daycare and run for 6 weeks, this is for 2-10 dogs. Pet parents learn to teach their dogs the basics generally expected of them from sit, stay, come and more.

If you’re not sure a class or session is right for you I do offer behavioral training seminars with topics ranging from Loose Leash Walking, Excessive Barking, Potty Training, Tricks and more.

In-Home Training Session

Consultation or Phone Consultation $30
20+ miles $20 gas charge
1 Session $100

Private Group Classes 2-5 dogs

6 Sessions $350/person (includes 1 private class for 7 sessions total)

Group Classes 2-10 dogs – preregistration is required

$75 non-refundable deposit to hold spot
$175 for any rescue dog with proof of adoption (if not paid in full, $100 will be due at time of class)
$200 for any dog from breeder or pet store (if not paid in full, $125 will due at time of class)

Training Seminars 2-10 – preregistration is required

Seminar $25 for the hour, each session is specific to the topic