Dog Training

I offer Positive Reinforcement training. I do a one session in-home session, a private group class, and public group classes at Tails of the City Dog Daycare and PLAY on the hill Dog Daycare.

I use many ways to positively encourage your dog to offer the behavior requested like food, play or praise.

We go over as many behaviors you want your dog to learn or think he needs to learn.

Pet Sitting


I’m fluent in dog, I know how to read their body language and how to commincate back. We’re constantly out and about on walks, out-tings, and having fun playing games meant to work their brains and poop them out. We also work on their basic commands to keep them keen on behaviors. Can watch them at your place or mine, whichever you prefer.


Attention if they want it and fun playtime with toys of all sorts. If they need medication, I am capable and confident giving medications of multiple sorts. I will also Scoop their litterbox as needed.

Small animals

Get tasty treats and attention, if a cage cleaning is needed while away I will do that for you too. Meds if needed.


Get lots of love (if they like others). I love each and every one of their personalities and don’t mind a bite here or there, but know when to leave them alone. I like to train and work with birds, and they enjoy the extra attention. I have trained a couple to poop on command, and even trained one to dance. If while you are away and they need their cage cleaned I will do that as well. Meds if needed


Reptiles are my specialty when it comes to exotics, I love working with them and expanding my knowledge on different species. I know care for multiple species of turtle and tortoise, to different lizards big and small, and many snake species. I am comfortable with snake feeding and other feeding methods. Also if needed their cage will get cleaned while your away. Meds if needed


They aren’t my strong suit, but feeding and algae scrubs are easy enough, anything more and I feel might go over my head. I am capable of using a gravel vac, just don’t want to mess up your tank’s chemical balances.

Dog Walks, Outings, and Puppy Sits

I love being outdoors and don’t mind our bipolar weather! The only time you won’t find me venturing outside is in the snow. Your dog mostly feels the same way! I offer potty walks, 30 minute walks, 60 minute walks, Doggy Day Trips, and Puppy Sits; all of which keep them active and exposure to other dogs in a controlled environment. The walks are pretty self explanatory. Doggy Day Trips are either a scheduled hike somewhere in the PNW or I just pick up your dog and they go with us for the days events. Generally in a day we walk 5.5 miles to 7 miles giving your dog plenty of exercise and socialization. Puppy Sits are for you to get out and get a date night, have dinner with friends, etc. I offer this service for puppies who just can’t hold it for your intended deration of being gone, or those dogs with separation anxiety, who really just don’t like to be alone.

Educational Reptile Events Hosted

Fun and interacting educational events for all ages! I have been dealing with children for many years and was a preschool teacher in high school, so I can communicate the idea in terms that children understand. As well as making sure an adult audience understands as well. All of the reptiles are well handled and are very friendly. They do well with the poking and prodding of small children. A couple also have health certificates to prove good health for people who have weak immune systems, like young children and older adults. So feel free to get up and personal with these amazing and misunderstood creatures!

We are able to offer out-reaches to birthday parties, retirement homes, schools, expos, summer festivals, summer camps, and any where else you think people would benefit to learn about these amazing and misunderstood creatures!

Reptiles will vary depending on members able to come to out-reaches. There is always a good variety of snakes big and small, lizards of various sizes and diets, and many other fun scaley critters!

To schedule an out-reach check out The Pacific Northwest Herptelogical Society is a 501c3 focused on reptile rescue and education. All the proceeds go towards further rescue efforts be it vet bills or any other expense The Society may encounter.

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