New Pricing!

Day Trips
1 day $40
20 days $700 — $100 savings
10 days $350 — $5o savings
5 days $175 — $25 savings
60-Min. Walks
1 x 60 $30
20 x 60 $500 — save $100
10 x 60 $255 — save $50
5 x 60 $125 — save $25
Group Walks

Five or more dogs in one building or on the same street.

1 x 30 $15
30-Min. Walks
1 x 30 $20
20 x 30 $300 — $100 savings
10 x 30 $150 — $50 savings
5 x 30 $75 — $25 savings
Date Nights
1 Night Out $45
4 Nights Out $275
2 Nights Out



Dog Training Positive Reinforcement In-Home Training
Consultation $30
20+ miles $20 gas charge
1 Session $100
Private Group Class 2–5 Dogs
6 Sessions $350/person (includes 1 private class for 7 sessions total)
Group Class 2–10 Dogs
$75 non-refundable deposit to hold spot
$175 for any rescue dog with proof of adoption
$200 for any dog from breeder or pet store
Training Seminars Class 2–10 Dogs
$25 non-refundable deposit to hold spot
Dog Walks and Day Trips
Potty Walk $15
30 Min Walk $20
60 Min Walk $30
Day Trip $40
Puppy Sit $45

These prices reflect 1 dog, if you own 2 or more the price goes up by $10 for each additional dog.

Dog Sits

I charge by the day and the weight of your dog

1–40 lbs $55
41–70 lbs $65
71–100 lbs $75
101 or < lbs $85

Have another dog? Just add $10 for each additional dog after the first.

Other Animals

Cat Sits
$35 stop-in
$10 stop-in for more cats
$50 stop-in for 4 or more cats
This includes play time, litterbox cleaning, feeding and water changes, giving of medication and more. $25/day
Cats that need LOTS of attention will cost an extra $5 a day. I have the availability to stay at your house to make sure your cat gets all the lovin’ it requires. +$5/day
Have more than one furry feline? $5 after the first, I do offer group rates. If you have 4 or more cats it’s $40 a day. $40/day
Bird Sits

Depending on your bird’s preference or yours you can pay for more interaction or less interaction. Birds like parakeets and lovebirds are content just being by themselves, but on the occasion they do enjoy human interaction. Birds like Lorikeets will fall into the large bird slot due to their messy and fun ways!

Small birds / Less interaction $25
Medium birds / Mid interaction $30
Large birds / Lots of interaction $35
For every cage after the 1st $10
Small Animal Sits

Your little companion gets to stay at home where it is less stressful. Too much travel for these species can cause wet-tail and other fatal conditions. I do not care for Mice.


Hamsters/Gerbils/Rabbits/Guinea Pigs/Rats
$5 for each small animal enclosure after the 1st $30/day per cage
$35 for the 1st $10 for each after the 1st
Reptile Sits
Terrestrial Snakes $35/day
Tropical Snakes $35/day
Bearded Dragon $35/day
~1–25 lbs $35/day
~26–50 lbs $40/day
Tropical Gecko $35/day
Desert Gecko $35/day
Invertebrates $35/day
~Scorpions ~Spiders ~Hermit Crabs ~Etc.
Tropical Lizards $35/day
Desert Lizards $30/day
Amphibians $35/day
~Frogs ~Toads ~Newts ~Salamanders ~Axolotl ~Etc.
Aquatic Turtles $40/day
~includes water test, algea scrubs,water changes
Box Turtles $35/day
Tortoises $35/day
Fish Tank
$25 stop-in
$10 every tank after the first

Additional Overnight Policies

We offer a couple of discounts, there is a, multiple pet discount, senior discount, and military discount all of which is 10% We accept most major credit cards, thanks to the PayPal Here Reader, PayPal, checks and cash. If paying by PayPal, you will be charged an extra 5.5%.

*If client dog damages personal property owner must reimburse for 100% of the damages

*If cancellations occur before stay, you’ll be charged a 20% (of total would be stay) cancellation fee

*If you booked for so many days but come home early you will be charged 25% for each day of normal daily cost

EX: 5 days at $55/day would be $275 and you come home 2 days early you would be charged $13.75 for each day not used. For a total of $192.50 for the 3 days gone and the 2 days booked but not used.

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